Diploma in Digital Media Production

Diploma in Digital Media Production

The main objective of the course is to enable  students to develop skills in design and development in digital media production. The core component of the Programme will be focused on digital media technologies. It is in consideration of the future expansion of the programme, the title of the course is proposed.
Eligibility: +2
No of seats: 20
Nature of the course: Morning session (regular)
Duration: 6 months (2 trimesters)


Still photography: lens, aperture, framing, and composition, depth of focus, lighting for still photography, color, and tone.

Image manipulation: (introductory): Photo Editing tools, Photoshop software practices.

Basics of Videography: motion picture,  persistence of vision,  camera
movements: zoom, tilt, pan, angles of vision.

Production methodology: pre production ,Production and post production work;

Editing Modes:  basic editing systems: Editing principle;
Non – Linear editing: digitization of data, compression, storage formats; Editing functions: theories of montage, sequence building, match cut cutting
between the movement; Transitions: cut, dissolve, wipe, fade, introducing Adobe primer ,continuity editing
Audio: Physics of sound ,Microphones Audio Controls, mixer ,volume control ,Mixing, live and post production mixing ,introducing basic sound edit software: Aesthetic facts: environment, perspective, continuity, surround sound.

Writing for media: Basics of Writing and Reporting; Script Writing;

Proposed project: digital video production/Interactive media development