Diploma in Animation

Diploma in Animation (C-Dit Certificate)

The Animation curriculum focuses on creating intelligent and powerful visual communication. The focus is on studying and using animation on different new media fields. The students will employ both analog media (drawing with pencil etc.) and digital media — using up-to-date computer tools (graphics hardware and software) – for drawing, animation, rendering. They will also create Computer Graphics assets and learn how to bring them to life. They Can learn from fundamental skill to the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline.

Syllabus for Animation 

Gesture drawing
Study of Human / animal anatomy
Character Designing
Perspective Drawing
Drawing based on animation principles
Acting for animation
Traditional and Digital animation practice
Story boarding
Concept and story development
Student also learn:
Adobe photoshop
Adobe animate
Final Cut Pro – for video editing
Sound Recording and Editing
3D- Maya
VFX tools

History and origins of animation

Uses of Animation

Types of Animation

Principles of Animation

Techniques of Animation

(From traditional to Computer Generated Animation)